Coaching Technology Professionals

At Coaching Technology Group we believe that businesses with great interpersonal communication skills thrive. We coach individuals and teams how to communicate with integrity and authenticity. Having a framework for difficult conversations helps managers to be effective leaders who can navigate relationships at work with ease. Satisfied and productive teams communicate better, keep focused on company goals, and manage squabbles and confusion more effectively. 

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Serving Leaders, Individual Contributors, Cohorts, and Teams

Our experienced coaches work at all levels of the organization – C-Suite, Executive Team, Managers, and Staff. Our expertise is in working with individuals and teams within larger companies and with companies and teams at the startup level, including pre-funding and seed funded companies. Young companies who invest in coaching resolve issues more quickly, are more resilient, and retain talent.

Coaching can make the difference in the success of new managers and individual contributors. We’ve also seen great results with employees who are currently on a performance improvement plan discover new ways of being effective and welcome at work.


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Coaching Topics, Programs and Services

Individual coaching in-person, by video chat, or by phone

  • Management communication, new manager skills, remote management techniques
  • Managing up, communication with peers, leading teams
  • Developing personal responsibility for the quality and outcome of communications
  • Awareness of cultural communication norms in the workplace
  • Development of mindfulness, new awareness, and how to create a feeling of mutual respect
  • Positive and authentic communication in any context
  • Skills building in Emotional Transparency
  • Productivity and Professionalism

Group communication training

  • Experiential training in effective communication to create or improve teamwork and connection
  • Tilt365 Assessments
  • Customized group training

What results can be expected from coaching?

  • Improved communication and work output companywide
  • More employee satisfaction at work
  • A higher trust climate among managers and co-workers

How do we get the results?

  • A professional coaching commitment to every participant
  • A clear coaching philosophy grounded in International Coach Federation (ICF) principles and ethical guidelines
  • Recognizing coachees as human beings first with a focus on personal development over resolving specific issues


Every organization has its own unique needs that directs the most useful coaching approach. The number of participants and assessments also impacts pricing.

A typical engagement to coach a cohort of five new managers might look something like this:

  • The cohort participates in a character assessment, Tilt365
  • The managers then have individualized debriefs of the results 
  • The cohort meets to discuss insights around the assessment with one another
  • Each manager gets a coach who meets with the manager once a month for one hour, or possibly two half hour, sessions
  • Coaching sessions take place over a one year period

Coaching Sessions

In Seattle and San Francisco, we meet coaching clients at any WeWork location.  Prefer virtual meetings? Sessions may be conducted via telephone or Zoom or your company’s video conferencing system. It is also possible to meet clients on your company campus (travel fees apply).

Scheduled sessions are  1 hour with a session cadence of weekly or bi-weekly meetings. For busy professionals we can also schedule 30 minute or 45 minute coaching sessions – services are sold by the hour and can be set up in a way that works best for your needs and schedule.

Appointments available starting at 8 a.m. with last appointment of the day starting at 6 p.m. Monday – Friday Pacific Time.


Our first discussion is a 20-30 minute complementary conversation with Timothy Thomas, PCC, Lead Executive Coach to determine the best fit for your organization.

Individualized Coaching Hour – 60 minute sessions/2x 30 minute sessions (pay-as-you-go): $225
Four-pack of Individualized Coaching Hours: $785 (save $135)
Six-pack of Individualized Coaching Hours: $1149 (save $201)

Other services include Tilt365 assessments, Founder team coaching, full organization coaching for startups and small businesses, and career transition services for exiting employees. Pricing based on size and scope of engagement.